Jessie Van Breugel

Helping early-stage creators build a strong personal brand that can be turned into money
Former employee of one of Europe’s hottest tech unicorns turned digital creator. I’m building my business on the crossroad of writing, visual design, product management, and digital marketing. Currently, living in Zagreb as a digital nomad. I view myself as a visual copywriter, using both words and design to share my message with the world. My vision is to bring wisdom to everyday life and inspire one another to start living life on their terms. Currently, 3x Top Writer on Medium in the category Inspiration, Social Media, and Entrepreneurship. Founder of Realigned Coaching, creator of “Brand Yourself as A Creator: The Ultimate Guide and The Branded Creators Community. Co-founder of Build Your House Club, a vibrant community of creators to clarify your message, produce consistent value, & grow your audience.