Tatiana Rodriguez

Creative Public Speaking Professor at Rutgers University
Tatiana Rodriguez believes that life is a gift and that leaving a meaningful legacy matters. She enjoys time in college classrooms investing in student leaders. Outside of the classroom, she is part historian, part creative and her contribution to this world is to create powerful stories and record them for future generations. "I have the honor of teaching others about Public Speaking, Leadership, Creativity and Self-Care. I believe that life is a gift, learning should be fun, and investing in the next generation matters. You'll find me in college classrooms building up strong student leaders and in corporate classrooms encouraging professionals with growth mindsets. Outside of these spaces, you'll often find me outdoors (unless it’s below my 30 degree threshold), creating photos and videos, and making memories with my loved ones. I love kids. They are THE best and they seem to appreciate my spontaneous dance moves. I have a fascination (*possible mild obsession*) with learning so I read constantly, enroll in classes and take notes on everything I find valuable. I’m a pretty great cook too."


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