Mastering Marketing

With Dr. Marcel Cohen

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Product marketing is all about creating a brand and product that is in tune with your customers. To do so, product marketers work on positioning, messaging, customer feedback, and overall marketing strategy.

Positioning refers to how the product is placed in the market. What makes it different from other products? And who does it sell to?

Messaging is the message the product "sends" to the customer. In its marketing, packaging, and branding, the product tells customers what it does, who should use it, and why it should be purchased. Marketers must answer these questions in order to reach the customer.

Customer feedback occurs once a product is already out in the market -- you'll learn about this in our last lesson!

And overall marketing strategy? We'll guide you from start to finish. From market research to targeting, to segmentation, and to the marketing mix and innovation adoption process, you'll learn how to be a product marketing pro!

In a world bursting with products and innovations, how can you ensure that what you create brings true value to your customers?

In this course, you will learn to demystify the consumer. Who is he and what is he looking for? How is he affected by the world around him and how does that change what he is looking for from your product? And finally, what tools are at your disposal to meet his needs?

To answer these questions and more, join Dr. Marcel Cohen in learning Mastering Marketing. Taught at Imperial College for many years, the material of this course is designed to give MBA and non-MBA students alike a chance to master the foundations of marketing.

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