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Welcome to the world of advertising. It’s through advertising that you communicate with your customers, and tell your product story. It’s not easy. Advertisements have to be able to breakthrough the noise that consumers are faced with in today's busy world. But how? By being original, by being creative. In this module you'll learn how to think creatively around advertising. More, you'll learn tools and templates for thinking that will enable you to do this in a methodical way. You'll learn: • Advertising 101 • Why creativity is critical to advertising • A framework for creative thinking in a systematic fashion • A templates for creative thinking: Subtraction In part 2 of this module, we'll dive into a hands on case study to put into practice what you've learned. Welcome to the world of advertising!


Welcome to the world of advertising! It is a challenging world where you have to make sure your story, your brand and product stick out above the crowd. Advertising is a key part of marketing, but doing it right is hard. How can you make sure that your advertisement is being noticed?
In this lesson you'll learn the answer to this question. By being creative. You'll learn:
• Why advertising is important
• How to be creative in your advertisements
• A framework for creative thinking

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Let's explore applying the tools and frameworks you learned last lesson with a case study. MasterClass is a company that sells celebrity based "How to" classes. The company reached a valuation of $800 million as of 2020, and is largely known for their aggressive online advertising, which works. In this lesson we'll explore their advertising in depth and see which tools from our creative thinking toolkit have been applied.

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Prof. Jacob Goldenberg

Professor of Marketing, Arison School of Business Administration, IDC

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