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What do the two words 'public speaking' make you feel? Make you think? Do they excite you? scare you? Get your creative juices flowing? Public speaking is a critical life skill that comes with a lot of baggage attached to it: fear, confidence, self awareness and empathy. It's an art and a science, and importantly, one you can master. Join Tatiana Rodriguez, a Creative Public Speaking Professor, as she walks you through and teaches you the ins and outs of public speaking. Not only the tips and best practices but the emotional side of overcoming fear, strengthening confidence and being aware of your audience.


What skill does almost every professional need in their job? 

I’ll give you a hint. It’s also something most of us list as one of our deepest fears.

And that’s public speaking. So important, yet so hard for many of us. 

And that’s where Tatiana Rodriguez comes in. As a professional coach who both understands the importance of public speaking and acknowledges the fear, she’s the perfect person to guide us through this course. 

We’ll discuss:
• fear and confidence 😱 😎
• finding your ‘why’
• engaging and connecting with your audience 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
• how to structure your message in the best way possible, to make the points that you want to make. 
• And using verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that help strengthen your message 💬👁‍🗨
• And much more!

See you there!

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The most important part of a public speech isn't what you say. It's your mindset! Surprised? don't be. Fear and confidence are the starting point for anything you say in public. We're ALL scared of public speaking, but developing ways and tools do deal with your fears and boost your confidence are a critical part of learning to, and improving your public speaking.

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What's at the core of every speech you should give? What's the most important idea to keep in mind and structure your talking points around? Not sure? No worries, that's what we'll be learning about this lesson!

You'll learn:
• What the golden circle is
• Why you should start your speech with 'Why'
• How to write with your goal and end in mind
• What a 'Thesis Statement' is

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What are they hungry for? What am I going to say that I know for certain will make a difference in their lives?

That’s Tony Robbins on connecting to your audience. But how do you do this? How do you give a speech that will really make a difference to your audience?
That’s what we’ll be learning in this lesson! We’ll talk about important points to consider, like:

• Who is your audience? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
• What do they care about?
• Where they are? - and why this matters... 🗺
• When are you speaking to them?
• Why do they care? Why do you care? 🤷🏽‍♀️
• And a surprise 6th question...

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How do you engage an audience? What are the tips, tricks, and best practices?

These days it seems that it’s getting harder and harder to keep people’s attention. Smartphones, screens, constant connectivity….all these things are vying for our attention, making it hard to disconnect for a bit and really focus on a speech or presentation. 
So, with all the technology competing for our attention, how do we engage our audience? How do we capture their attention? In other words, how do we make sure that the speech we’re giving is received by an audience that is engaged, interested, and open to our every word? 

Luckily, Tatiana has a rich supply of tips and tricks to help us with just that!

In this lesson, you’ll learn:
• What an “audience filter” is...and how it will affect the success of your speech 👏🏽
• 11 strategies for increasing user engagement 📃

See you there!

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Most have been inspired by at least one great speech in our lifetime. We’ve experienced the effect of an inspiring speaker. But where did the speech start from? How did the speaker put it together? What was their process?

In this lesson we’ll be turning speeches inside out, examining where they start from and how they are structured. 

We’ll talk about:
• How speeches are like a hamburger 🍔
• What is means to “write then right”
• The difference between writing for the page and writing for the stage 📖🎭
• Different options for organizing your message

See you there!️

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How do you start your speech? How do you end it? First impressions are important, and starting your speech the right way is just as important. In this lesson you'll learn:
• How to craft a compelling opening
• The 5 elements that go into an opening
• The 2 elements that form your conclusion

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How can you strengthen the points you want to make in your speech? What other tools are in your toolkit? In this lesson you'll learn how to strengthen your main points with supporting materials and how to structure your story to make an impact. You'll learn:
• 10 kinds of supporting material to strengthen your points
• Aristotle's story structure

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What does AAA have to do with verbal communication? In this lesson we'll explore everything to do with verbal communication. How we speak, what words we choose, our tone and volume all make a huge impact on our communication. In this lesson you'll learn:

• The importance of diction and what goes into proper diction
• How your communication style matters and ways to improve it
• How to deal with your internal belief about your voice

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We're wrapping up the course with one of the most important parts of public speaking: non verbal communication. Most of what we convey isn't what we say, it's how we say it. In this lesson you'll learn:

1. How to get into the 'speaker friend zone'
2. How to leverage stance, feet, hands, shoulders and eyes to be engaging
3. How your body language impacts your emotions

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Welcome to the last lesson in this course! In this lesson, you are the teacher! We're flipping things around because by now you've learned and hopefully practiced all the principles and you'll be hearing a speech and grading it based on everything we've learned so far.

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Tatiana Rodriguez

Creative Public Speaking Professor at Rutgers University

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