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Ever wondered what the mysterious world of venture capital is all about? Relevant for entrepreneurs and future VC investors alike, this course opens the door to that world for you. We’ll start by demystifying the world of venture capital as well as understanding the changes and developments that have taken place over the last few dozen years. We’ll learn about: • The funding continuum • Angel investing 👼🏽 • Fund structure and fundraising • How to evaluate opportunities 🤔 • Valuation issues, cap tables, and term sheets • And much more!🌈 Looking forward to seeing you there!


What is venture capital and how does it work? In order to answer that question, we're going to explore what makes any business tick - the venture capital value chain.

We'll cover:
• How VC funds get funding for their investments 💰
• How they identify companies to invest in 🔍
• And what happens once an investment is made 📈

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What does an entrepreneur need to do in order to get VC funding? In this lesson we'll learn about the venture capital funding continuum - everything you need to know to get from first dollar through final payout.

Join us as we cover:
• Self funding 👩‍💼
• Family, friends & angels 🏘️
• and how to secure a VC investment 💎

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Analyst, associate, partner. Who are you talking to when you're introduced to a Venture Capitalist? In this lesson we break down the most common roles you'll find in VC firms around the globe.

We'll learn:
• Who to approach in a firm 🙋
• How to research partners ❓
• When to continue meeting, and when to bow out ⏱️

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What does a VC investor consider as they review an entrepreneur’s pitch deck? In this lesson we'll answer that question by tearing apart a VC investor's process of analysis.

We'll cover what a VC is looking for in:
• Problem and market size 💹
• Business model 💼
• Competitive advantage 🏆
• and the team 👥

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What happens after an entrepreneur meets with a VC? What are the next steps that both sides need to take to head towards a deal? In this lesson, we'll unpack the full process of VC funding - from pitch through deal:

We'll learn about:
• The follow on meetings 
• The term sheet
• Due diligence
• And finally, finalizing the investment

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How do you value a startup? How does an investor or entrepreneur decide how much their company is worth when none of the traditional financial valuation metrics "work"? In this lesson we're going to break down a few different methods to value a startup as well as the general mindset an investor has. We'll cover:
• Valuation based on intangibles
• The Comp method
• The step up and Berkus method

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Courses Authors

Saul Orbach

Venture partner and CEO

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