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Dr. Marcel Cohen

Former Director of the Distance Learning MBA

Dr. Marcel Cohen spent twenty years in the marketing industry and held senior positions in Shell (UK), where he was mainly responsible for strategy, although he also oversaw finance, engineering, and petrol station acquisition and disposal.

In 1990, Dr. Marcel Cohen began pursuing a career in Academia. He taught consumer marketing at Imperial College's Business School for 27 years and headed the Distance Learning MBA program. Over the years, he also taught some 3,000 MBA students Marketing and Customer-Focused Strategy. He also founded Graduway, a platform that functions as an alumni and student networking system. He wanted to help connect students learning in the Distance Learning MBA with career opportunities. 

Dr. Marcel Cohen holds a PhD in Economics. 

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The Distance Learning MBADr. Marcel Cohen

This audio note of Dr. Marcel Cohen describes the Distance Learning MBA and who it is a great fit for. It applies to Alpe Audio too!

In his words:

"My final thought to all those who I have taught over the years is that your wealth comes not from more money and possessions but rather from being content with what you have. That does not mean that you should abandon your ambition, but rather pursue it in a well-mannered and fair way."

"When things go wrong (as inevitably they do), don’t ask ‘who did this to me’ but rather ‘where have I gone wrong’.  In this way, you do not define yourself as a victim and seek to blame others, but rather you put yourself on the path of learning from experience and picking yourself up."

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