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"What technology has done, especially on the social side, has made connections with people and has allowed people to share their ideas. It inspires people to take these ideas and create analogies and invent."

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Drew Boyd

Marketing and Innovation Associate, Professor-Educator, Cincinnati University

Drew Boyd is the executive director of the Master of Science in the Marketing Program and is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Innovation at the University of Cincinnati. 

Drew entered the world of academia after a highly successful business career. He spent 17 years with Johnson & Johnson in marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and international development. Before Johnson & Johnson, Drew worked with United Airlines, in sales, marketing, and strategic planning. He was one of the early pioneers of strategic partnerships between airline carriers that led to the creation of the Star Alliance.

In his courses, Drew merges the theory taught in a traditional classroom setting with more than three decades of experience, providing a real-world marketing and innovation experience. 

Drew has earned three prestigious teaching awards and is honored to have been a guest lecturer at Columbia University, Yale University, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, The University of Michigan, The University of Chicago, The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and Duke University. Drew graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science in Management Science and Operation Research. He earned an MBA from the University of Chicago.

He resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his wife, Wendy, and son, Ryan. 

Hear Drew Boyd on Systematic Inventive Thinking and how it is a breakthrough method for innovation:


Adding Prestige to your portfolio book.p

Adding Prestige to Your Portfolio

How to Use the Creative Luxury Process to Develop Products Everyone Wants


Learn how companies can elevate ​any product or service at each step of the customer buying journey: awareness, search and compare, purchase, use, advocate. By applying the creativity technique Closed World Principle (which you can learn in our Creative Thinking class), readers can determine which luxury benefits would best map to their product or service and garner the greatest business impact at that particular stage of the customer buying journey. This book is illustrated with examples from healthcare to industrial equipment industries. It shows companies how to borrow elements of luxury and sprinkle them throughout their customer experience in order to strengthen loyalty and increase their appeal to potential new customers. Online resources include sample syllabi, templates to aid in application of framework, case studies, and discussion questions.

So You Want to be a prof book.png

So You Want to Be a Professor

How to Land Your Dream Job in Academia

Professors change the world. Are you motivated to teach? Do you have the commitment and courage to do what it takes to trade your job for the classroom? 9 out of 10 people fantasize about being a college professor; it’s among the most admired and trusted professions in the world. In the US alone, colleges employ over 1.5 million professors.

But competition for these positions is fierce. Few spots open up for even the most experienced practitioners. When they do, there is a long line of working professionals waiting at the dean’s doorstep, people with extensive experience and abilities. If you want to become a professor, you have to prepare no matter when you want to start: now, mid-career, or post-retirement. 

This book will help you prepare. It will challenge you to begin thinking of your current workplace career as preparation for your next career as a professor. What are the things you can do now to prepare you to land — and succeed in — an academic role?

Inside the Box Book.png

Inside the Box - the book our Creative Thinking - Inside the Box course is based on!

A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results

Want a truly creative organization? Then think Inside the Box

Inside the Box shows that more innovation – and better and quicker innovation – happens when you work inside your familiar world using a set of techniques that channel the creative process in a way that makes us more – not less – creative. 


These techniques were derived from research that discovered a surprising set of common patterns shared by all inventive solutions. They form the basis for Systematic Inventive Thinking, now used by hundreds of corporations throughout the world, including industry leaders such as Johnson & Johnson, GE, Procter & Gamble, SAP, and Philips.

Many other books discuss how to make creativity a part of corporate culture, but none of them uses the innovative and unconventional SIT approach described in this book. With “inside the box” thinking, companies and organizations of any size can creatively solve problems before they develop—and innovate on an ongoing, systematic basis.



Teaching Interest

Marketing strategy, innovation methodology, persuasion, sales management, and social media


Research Interest



Institution: The University of Chicago
Completed: 1990
Degree: MBA

Institution: United States Air Force Academy
Major: Management Science
Completed: 1976
Degree: BS

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Research in progress

Title: Inside the Box:  A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results
Description: Published by Simon & Schuster (2013). See
Research Type: Non-Scholarly