Entrepreneur's Growth Playbook

Welcome to the Entrepreneurs Growth Playbook!


This audio course is for anyone getting a business started who wants to grow to thousands of users, but lean. It's for founders of high tech companies and solo businesses alike. It's for indie hackers and bootstrappers. Because these are strategies and a playbook you can use and you can put into action without raising millions. This course is based on years of learning in the startup world, the best books and company playbooks.

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What will we be learning:


1) The 5 principles for the foundations of marketing and growth.

2) Content marketing and social media marketing.

3) Building a content calendar and sourcing content

4) Finding and identifying your users.

5) Managing PR, building mailing lists, cold emailing.

6) SEO & blogging

7) Hacks and tricks no one will tell you about

This audio course will provide you with practical frameworks, hacks and tools for you to start growing your business immediately as well as putting best practices in place for the long term. 

Yehoshua Zlotogorski

Co-founder & CEO of Alpe Audio; Former Business Development Director & Venture Capitalist Manager