Current priorities.

We just raised our first capital and couldn’t be more excited to build this company. We’ve built our first few audio courses and are working on the next!

Our top priority is to get build an amazing educational learning platform for our users. This includes a new kind of interactive UX which combines voice 👄, audio 👂 and visuals 👀.

About you. ​​​

  • You care deeply about crafting high quality product experience, and obsess over the details.

  • You're proactive!

  • You've designed consumer products and understand the subtlety required to deliver a great user experience to users of all kinds.

  • You're comfortable jumping across (or managing) various design areas — product, graphic, and brand.

  • You're willing to challenge your teammate's ideas, and have yours challenged in return, in the spirit of delivering the best product possible. Openness and excellence build great teams.

  • You're familiar with the basics of front-end engineering, and even better if you're familiar with mobile development platforms (iOS & Android).

  • You think about the design of the entire product experience — not just in terms of web and mobile UX.

  • You're comfortable and energized by talking to customers and hearing about their experience first-hand.

  • Familiarity with podcasts, audio, teaching, neuroscience, behavioral psychology and education are all pluses.

About the role.

As one of Alpe's first employees, you will inevitably wear many hats and grow with us, helping shape our culture, strategy and identity! 🤩

  • You'll be the first designer and a member of the founding team.

  • You'll work directly with the content and engineering teams to create a beautiful, simple experience for our learners.

  • You'll primarily focus on product design, but also work on brand and graphic design.

  • You'll work alongside a talented team, who work quickly and ship to-spec (we promise).

  • You'll set the foundation and design culture at 🏔 Alpe, both internally and externally.

Does this sound like a good fit? 🤝

Send us an email with your CV or link to your Linkedin profile and a brief sentence about why this is a good fit and we’ll follow up with you within a week.