About us.

We're building a new kind of audio platform. One which changes the way we learn. Learning is a lifelong endeavor of discovery, curiosity, self and career improvement. More resources for educational discovery exist today than ever before. But in today's on-the-go lifestyle, there is no source for educational content tailored for "on-the-go" - the time we have to absorb new content.


Alpe lets you discover the educational content you want to learn, anywhere, anytime. We combine the storytelling we love in podcasts with the proper tools for learning.

We're building a new kind of learning platform, and we're looking for new thinkers.

We're a small founding team building the product we'd love to have. We sweat the small stuff, but don't let it stop us, We're looking for like minded people to join us on the ride of a lifetime!

About you.

  • You care deeply about crafting high quality products and shipping fast. You care about the entire picture, not just what you're supposed to build. You're proactive!

  • Every place you've worked in you excelled and stood out for the better.

  • You've built B2C apps at scale before (we're working in React Native with an AWS backend) and have experience with front and backend.

  • You're comfortable jumping into unknown areas to do what needs to be done, after all - we're all lifelong learners!

  • You're willing to challenge your teammate's ideas and give constructive criticism, and receive both in return - Openness and excellence build amazing teams and products.

  • Familiarity with podcasts, audio, NLP, UX/UI are all a large plus.

About the role.

You'll be the first developer, joining a founding team. We're funded, so there is a base salary but we believe in owner mentality, so equity will be part of the package.

You'll set the foundation of the development culture at Alpe. Things will go your way as long as you can explain why it's the best way.

You'll lead the technical effort to create a great consumer experience. Starting with a great mobile app (we're building in React Native), but experience with CI/CD, serverless backend are a big plus since those are all in development.

The mobile app is the front of our operation, but only the tip of the iceberg from the technology aspect. We’re building a deep technology stack that uses deep learning and some other buzz words you know. We will discuss this more privately 🤓

We believe in data. We record and measure everything, you will help us build the infrastructure that supports this and gains insights from it.

As someone who joins early, you will affect every junction along the road. Your work will have a dramatic impact on the performance and future of the company. This is the place if you want to make an impact.

Does this sound like a good fit? 🤝

Send us an email with your CV or link to your Linkedin profile and a brief sentence about why this is a good fit and we’ll follow up with you within a week.