Mastering Product Marketing

Do you need to be naturally creative to work in marketing? Popular culture seems to tell us so. It seems that marketers spend their days dreaming up catchy slogans and beloved jingles. And they always seem to know exactly what their customer wants at any given moment. Naturally and effortlessly. But, this image is false. Just like any other discipline, marketing has its own rules. Tools you can learn how to use. 

So, what are these4 tools? Well they're called the Marketing Mix. Product. Promotion. Place. Price. 

Never heard of them? We recommend you follow our Mastering Marketing course first, where we introduce the basic principles of marketing. If you have heard of these tools and want to dive deeper into how to use each one of them, then this is the series for you. In this course, the first one of the Marketing Mix Series, we'll focus on the first of the 4 P's: Product. 

It might seem obvious that you need to focus on your product in order to bring value to your customer. However, where do you start? How can you train yourself to view your product from your customer's perspective? What components of your product can be changed and which should stay the same? How can you use your product features to deal with competition? And how can you build a product portfolio so that you can stay organized and focused on using your product to give your customers the highest value in the market? 

There are all difficult questions that should be taken seriously. And that's what this course is for. 

In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to view your product from your customers' perspectives

  • Strategies for dealing with competition

  • Differences in marketing products vs. services

  • How to creat a product portfolio

By the end of this course, you'll learn to transform your product into a powerful marketing tool. Join us!

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