Future of education #1

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Education is changing. It's been changing, only now, it's changing much faster. Covid-19 has proven to accelerate all the changes we've known are happening. So what's happening? Join us in this series of blog posts as we cover the changes happening in the educational world.

Learning is shifting from synchronous to asynchronous

To learn, you used to have to go to the wise men, the sages. Today, the situation isn't so different, only instead, we migrate towards bastions of higher education. To sit in a class with 20, 40 or 300 other students to hear from the instructor. If you weren't in the right place at the right time, it was challenging to acquire knowledge.

Today, that's simply not the case. Knowledge is now available anytime, anywhere. The smartphones that almost four billion people now have in their pockets grant access to all the worlds information. There's no reason to be limited by the dynamic that constrained learning for so long - unequal distribution of knowledge.

"This is why on-demand learning is becoming so popular. Having the ability to access eLearning software and learn whenever and wherever you want is a huge advantage.
67% of U.S. companies offered eLearning opportunities via smartphone in 2017, and the popularity of on-demand learning will drive this number up in the coming years."

By Kamy Anderson at Socialnomics (link here)

This is what's driving the migration to asynchronous, aka on-demand learning.

Learning is shifting from synchronous to asynchronous

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