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Updated: Feb 18

Parents and teachers have had to scramble to come up with learning solutions over the past few months. Naturally, most have turned to video - it seems natural to transfer how you teach in a classroom to how you teach online. Unfortunately, this has been shown to be less effective. Here's why:

1. Holding students attention over video is much harder than in person

2. Educators can't see students and cue off of them well enough to adjust their teaching (yes, even when the video is on)

3. A talking head is just much less interesting than a teacher who is there in person

So what can you do?

Shaking up the medium of instruction can help, and audio is a great way to go

"Some teachers utilize podcasts in their classrooms, and you can use them at home to get your kids to learn, too. There are book club podcasts for kids, science ones, fictional stories, and so much more."

By: Tina Dietz

Podcasts and audiobooks can help with getting over distracting and screen intensive formats such as Youtube, and they're great alternatives. Unfortunately, at times they do lack the rigor of a full course, so make sure you fill in what's missing. Full on audio courses can also be fantastic, assuming the topic fits the level of your children. Alpe's audio courses are built with the compelling storytelling that we love in podcasts, to make sure your students are engaged, but also have the structure of a proper online course.

Audio courses can help with learning

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