Principles of Finance

Welcome to Principles of Finance!

This audio course will walk you through the fundamentals and principles of the financial world. This isn't your run of the mill financial podcast. It's a structured audio course that will take you from A-Z in the principles of finance. Unlike most podcasts that have a haphazard approach to their material and syllabus, this audio course will teach you in a structured manner from the basics to the more advanced concepts. Each lesson comes with full resources, a lesson summary and an optional quiz to make sure you're retaining the information. 

Why is finance important?

Understanding the financial world and how money works and flows a critical tool for life. An introduction to finance should be a basic course in any curriculum.
Unfortunately, it isn't taught in school, or even university for most people, leaving most of us without a rudimentary understanding of the principles of finance. 


How is our mortgage prices? What are the macro economic trends? How can you analyze a business, or even your own properly?

Unless you have a degree in accounting or economics, most can't answer those questions.

This audio course will provide a rigorous coverage of the basics of the world of finance and give you the tools and know-how to navigate it. The best part, is that you'll be able to learn these things anytime, anywhere, while you're on the go, just like a podcast.

Here are some the topics you'll learn:

  • How to set up a business

  • The time value of money

  • Different kinds of financial markets

  • All about stocks, bonds, and other kinds of assets

  • Financial history & credit bubbles

  • Types of corporations and business

Welcome to Principles of Finance! The audio course that will take you from zero to hero!

By Adjunct Professor John Bowden

Adjunct Professor John Bowden

Adjunct Professor of Finance at Baruch College, Credit Risk Manager at ING Financial Markets




Finance touches on all our lives in so many ways. And yet, education systems leave most financially illiterate. This course will cover the basics of the world of finance and give you the tools and know-how to navigate it. All in an approachable and interesting way!


Business Formation

You have an idea, you have capita, you're all ready to start your business! But what kind of business are you starting? A corporation? A partnership? A small 'mom and pop' shop? What about aligning your CEO's incentives so that they match your own?

You'll get the answers to these important financial questions in this lesson. 



What's the difference between an investment bank and a commercial bank? What role do they play in financial markets? How do they earn money? 

This lesson will demystify banks. You'll learn:

  • The different kinds of banks

  • The business model for investment and commercial banks

  • The role banks play in financial markets


Accounting 101: The Balance Sheet

Modern accounting has its roots in the Italian Renaissance. Without modern accounting we wouldn't be able to know what we owe vs. what we own. Understanding the system behind accounting and the three most important financial statements is key to understanding finance. 

In this lesson, you'll learn:

  • How double entry book-keeping changed accounting forever

  • The balance sheet's structure and line items

  • Why accounting is important


Finance Basics

What decisions do finance managers make? If you want to start a business where do you raise money? What are the implications of the money you will raise? ​Start your adventure and open a new business, Tic Tac Toe Pizza, and start learning!

You'll learn:

  • How to raise money

  • How to spend it

  • The implications of these decisions

  • Why staying "inside the box", or in the closed world of the problem can be beneficial to creativity and help land us in the sweet spot of ideas


Financial Markets

Who buys stocks? Who sells bonds? Where does the money in financial markets com from and why? Why do these markets exist? What kinds exist?

In this lesson, you'll learn:

  • Amazon's financial journey

  • Why financial markets exist

  • 5 kinds of financial markets


The Financial Crisis

How much of the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis did you really understand? Are you ready to get the full scoop, first hand? 

Listen as Professor John Bowden recalls his personal experience watching these dramatic events unfold! Here is his firsthand story as well as his own analysis of the factors that contributed to one of the most shocking financial disasters of our time. 


Putting Accounting to Work


Lifetime Value of Money: Part 1


Lifetime Value of Money: Part 2






Managing Risk


Product Strategy