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Find out more about Tyler Renelle, gamifying habits, and crowdsourcing in this interview!

Tyler Renelle 

CTO and Creator of HabitRPG, ML Engineer

Tyler is a full-stack Senior JavaScript developer and has spent 10 years in web & mobile. He is focused on Node, React/React Native, and Angular/Ionic. He is also the creator of HabitRPG, a startup begun on Kickstarter which now has 800k+ users.


Tyler built an enterprise PDF-creation service employed by 1.5k sites and websites for clients such as Adidas, BigFix, and UCSF. Currently obsessed with machine learning, he labels himself a "bonafide singularitarian". 

He is the founder of Habitica, a self-improvement app which uses game mechanics to motivate players to live healthy and productive lives.