As You Like It II: Woo me, for I am in a holiday mood

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What do you think of when you think of” holiday”? Is it that ski trip you took last winter? Or perhaps a religious occasion, surrounded by family and friends. Or maybe it just means a day off of work. You know, one  where you can wake up whenever you want to and then spend the whole day in your PJs. 
Well it turns out that in Shakespeare’s time, the concept of holiday was a bit different. Although there is a forest involved, this isn’t the hiking holiday you might have in mind. Instead, the Forest of Arden is a place of poetry, magic, and transformation. What exactly does this mean? 

Join us to find out! We’ll learn:
What comedy looked like in Shakespeare’s time 🤣
The true magic of the Forest of Arden 🌳✨



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