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You've made it to the end of Get Started Investing. We hope this series has helped you get started on your investing journey.
In this final episode we are closing out the series by wrapping up the key themes and sharing some advice we have collected while doing the podcast. Just because the series has come to an end, doesn't mean your listening to the Equity Mates team has to. Come across to the Equity Mates Investing Podcast and continue your journey. We speak to experts, break down key concepts and discuss our own personal investing journeys. Investing is a journey best shared. Being able to talk about concepts and ideas is useful and motivating. The Equity Mates podcast and Equity Mates community is full of like-minded people looking to share their investing journey. Most importantly, good luck on your investing journey. The stock market has been history's greatest wealth creator and getting started investing can change your life. Whether it is retiring early, reducing reliance on your paycheque or upgrading your lifestyle - making the right decisions now can help you get there.
In this episode you will learn:

Three key messages we learnt from Patrick O'Shaughnessy:
1. Go Global - make sure you look outside Australia. The biggest share market in the world is the US; get involved
2. Be Different - don't always follow the crowd. For good returns, consider trying to be a bit different; rather than just ASX200 index, consider one that is for growth, or momentum, or emerging markets; having a mix is important
3. Get Out Of Your Own Way - automate what you can, be consistent; take the emotion out of buying and selling

Stocks and resources discussed:
• Millennial Money by Patrick O'Shaughnessy
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