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What is this lesson is about?

Ever had an interview that went really well? Well, almost really well. Actually everything went great until the last few minutes. And then it kind of...went downhill. 

The last few minutes were just kind of awkward. The conversation petered out, you ran out of things to say. You were so eager to get out of there, you rushed through the final handshake. Didn’t make eye contact and just kind of ran out of there. 

You don’t get a call back. You’re not surprised. You know it was those last few minutes that ruined everything.

How you end things off matters. And that’s what you’ll learn in this lesson, how to finish off a job interview on a strong note, so that your interviewer remembers you for what you are - a strong and confident closer. 

We’ll learn:
• How to put your recommendation in the spotlight 🔦
• How to prepare for pushback
• How to stay focused as you close 🎯

See you there!


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