Challenging interview situations

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What is this lesson is about?

Imagine you arrive at an interview and are given a case question. And not only that, but you need to solve the case along with four other people. Who are also competing with you for the same job. So you don’t only have to stand out from the group, but also show the interviewer that you are a team player. Sound stressful? 

Now add to the mix a large graph that you’re supposed to read on the spot, math you need to do in your head, and the added burden of keeping a good rapport with your interviewer. 

Consulting interviews aren’t easy. They have their fair share of elements that make them challenging. Luckily, this lesson will tackle the most stressful consulting interview scenarios. How to handle these situations with grace and leave a great impression on your interviewer. 

We’ll learn tips and tricks for handling the following tricky situations:
• Group interviews 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
• Working with graphs
• Having to do math on the spot 🤔
• Awkward silences

See you there!


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