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What is this lesson is about?

Think about the last time your mind wandered, Maybe you were sitting at your desk at work. Where did your thoughts go? Did they wander to a good place? Perhaps remembering a happy picnic you just shared with some friends? Or did it wander to a bad place? Maybe worrying that you're working too slow, or your boss is mad at you, or the jeans that you’re wearing are unflattering. Most people find that when they’re attention wanders, it’s to a place of anxiety and fear. 

Why is this? 

That’s what we’ll be learning in this lesson. Why we get stuck on negative thoughts and what we can do to stop that. 

We’ll learn about: 
• Why negativity is a survival mechanism
• What the negativity bias looks like in the brain
• How we can turn it all around using only our own two feet



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