First decision every investor makes: Finding a broker

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The first decision every investor has to make, whether you are Warren Buffett or a new investor. We all start our investing journey with the same first step - choosing a broker. To make a trade in the share market you have to go through a broker, and with technology these days there has never been more choice.
So in this episode we answer the big question, "how do I actually buy shares?". We then break down all the factors you should consider so you can be confident in making the first choice in your investing journey.
In this episode you will learn:

• What is a broker
• How brokers have changed with the internet and new technology
• Factors to consider when deciding on a broker
• How Bryce and Ren chose their first broker and if they've changed over time.
• Some of the different costs that may be charged by a broker
• How you can access overseas markets (and why you definitely should!)
• What market data is offered by different brokers
• How brokerage platforms are trying to become communities
• What you should consider if you have multiple brokerage accounts


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