Knowledge is power: Finding the right information

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One of the best things about investing in the 21st century: there is never a shortage of information. You can find more facts and opinions on a company that you’ll never need, but it also means you can get lost in this sea of conflicted opinions. One Equity Mates guest referred to it as the “firehose of information” which we think sums it up quite nicely. To manage this information flow, the important skill is not being able to find information but finding the right information. In this episode, we break down how we manage information and list some of our go to sources. 

In this episode you’ll learn:
• How we find information
• Difference between top down and bottom up approaches
• Where you can find information put by companies themselves
• What you can learn from traditional financial media
• How the internet has created a whole culture of sharing information and ideas
• Some of our favourite financial books and podcasts


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