Made to Stick

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Ever had the stressful experience of having to present a new idea at work? Or even to your friends?

If you have, you know that there is always that moment - just a split second - when you’re not sure if your audience will love it or be completely unimpressed. Well, is there a way to actually predict whether your idea will stick or not?

This was the question bugging the Heath brothers. What causes some ideas to survive and others to die? The question that caused the book Made to Stick to be born. 

And it turns out there isn’t just one answer to this question. There are actually six. And in their book, the Heath brothers go through each of the traits which give an idea a high chance of surviving. They are:

• Simple
• Unexpected 😮
• Concrete 🧱
• Credible 📚
• Emotional 😭
• Stories 📖

Never present a mediocre idea again! Join our book club to hear how all these traits can help your ideas spread far and wide...


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