Pardon the Jargon: Terms you need to know

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At Equity Mates we are the only media company with an official policy on jargon. We hate it and officially are against it. A lot of people in the finance world thrive when their clients don't understand what is being discussed and don't know what questions to ask. So, pardon the jargon, but here is some you need to know. More importantly, at the end of this episode, we explain how we figure out what jargon mean when we come across terms we're unfamiliar with. 
This will help you do the same next time you come across jargon you're not familiar with.

In this episode you will learn:
• Market jargon: Bull & Bear, CHESS, Equities, Liquidity, ETF, Crypto & Capital
• Company specific jargon: P/E ratio, Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Dividend
• Trading jargon: Portfolio, Volatility, Yield, Diversification, Allocation & Capital Gains
• How to figure out the meaning of jargon you come across in the future

Stocks and resources discussed:
• Equity Mates glossary
• Investopedia
• Equity Mates Discussion Group
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