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What is this lesson is about?

Lots of people apply for consulting jobs. How do companies know who to choose? Who really has what it takes to be a consultant?

The answer - or at least part of the answer - is through case questions. These mini scenarios are designed to put you in the shoes of a consultant, so that your interviewer can really get a sense of who you are as a consultant. And how you approach these scenarios is critical. It will show your interviewer whether you’re the right fit for their company. 

Luckily, it’s 100% possible to prepare for these types of questions. Although each one is a bit different there are patterns and recurring themes that show up. And the more you practice, the better prepared you’ll be for whatever question your interviewer throws your way. 

And that’s what we’ll be doing in this course.

In this lesson, we’ll learn:
What a case question is ❔❓
Different categories of case questions 🔢

Looking forward to seeing you there 🙋🏾‍♂️


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