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Why does it seem like the really successful companies - you know, Apple, Microsoft, and even brands like Starbucks, seem to just know what their customers want?

Is it magic? Is it mind reading? Is it just luck?

Fortunately not. The secret behind most successful companies is actually just good old-fashioned market research. And while market research can sometimes feel like a combination of magic, mind-reading, and luck, it really is just a skill that anyone can learn. 

And that is what we’ll be learning about in this course. How to master the process of market research, so that you too can remain in touch and in tune with your customers. 

In this course, we’ll learn:

• How to turn a company problem into a research question
• The different types of data and how to use them📊
• How to build a survey
• What mistakes people make...and how to avoid them 😳

See you there!



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