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What if I sat you down and described a company to you. I tell you all about their business model and what market they are operating in. And not only that. I also tell you about a choice that this company needs to make. And then I stop talking. I look at you. It’s your turn to talk now. 

What do you think? What should this company do? 

How do you feel now? Nervous? Excited? Maybe confident? Or perhaps...overwhelmed? 

Most of us aren’t born with the natural ability to jump straight into consulting. We don’t know what questions need to be asked and what to do with the information we receive. 

But don’t worry, consulting is 100% a skill that can be learned. And you can learn the basics in time for the consulting interview you have coming up. 

Join us as we work with Marc Cosentino, author of “MBA bible” Case in Point. Through Cosentino’s method, we’ll develop the professional skills to break down case questions and provide expert consulting advice. Advice that will mark us as impressive consultants, in interviews and beyond. 

In this trailer, you’ll:
• See a real example of a case study 📁
• Meet your professor
• Outline what we will be learning in this course 👨🏻‍🏫

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