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How can it be that one of the most important parts of marketing is one of the least understood? 

It’s because many companies view pricing as a fairly simple operation. They believe that pricing is as simple as covering their costs and then deciding what profit they want to make. 

However, it’s a little more nuanced - and interesting! - than just that. In this course we’ll learn how to account for all of the factors that pricing depends on. We’ll look at the market, your customers, demand elasticity, psychological factors, and more. All of this will paint a much richer picture of what pricing entails. And with this knowledge under your belt, you’ll be able to turn Price into another powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. 

In this course, you’ll learn:
• When it’s ok to lose customers...and when it isn’t
• How pricing is more complex than many companies believe 
• How to calculate your volume-margin tradeoff and increase your profit
• Why you must be willing to let your business model evolve...and how to do so
• And so much more!



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