Rob Fitzpatrick

Indie non-fiction writer
Rob Fitzpatrick is a master of the indie nonfiction genre. He is the author of three original and useful handbooks: The Mom Test: How to talk to customers and figure out if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you, Write Useful Books: A modern approach to designing and redefining recommendable nonfiction, and The Workshop Survival Guide: How to design and run educational workshops that work every time. His insights come from his 13+ years of experience running small businesses and start-ups, including Habit which passed through YC in 2007 and had big-name clients like Sony, MTV, and Aardman Animations. Fitzpatrick currently lives in what he describes as a “teensy tiny mountain village in upper Catalonia” and has dedicated the next decade of his life to “serving indie nonfiction authors,” as of September 2021.


The Mom Test