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Talking to customers. Most start-up founders know that it’s important, even crucial, to the success of their company. However, there are surprisingly few resources on how to do it properly. Certainly nothing as down to earth or relatable as Rob Fitzpatrick’s book The Mom Test. In this “founder centric book,” Fitzpatrick sympathizes with founders who are in the dark about how to talk to their customers. “It’s like the popular kid advising his nerdy friend to ‘just be cooler,’” Fitzpatrick writes. And that’s why we love this book at Alpe Audio. It provides real, practical tips for getting the most out of your conversations with customers. In our review we’ll examine: • Fitzpatrick’s tips for seeing through flattery and getting to the truth of our company • How this applies in other areas of our life


How do you know if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you? That’s the question that Rob Fitzpatrick answers in The Mom Test. In this fun yet practical guide, Fitzpatrick outlines some of the challenges in getting truly honest feedback from customers. 

He outlines three main categories of false data. In this episode of Alpe’s book club, we’ll go through these categories. You’ll learn:

• The three main types of false data ⚠️
• How to deflect misleading information 🖐🏽
• How to get to the truth of what your customers are saying 🗣

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