The Challenge of Success

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What is this lesson is about?

Success. When you’re a young start-up, it’s all you can think about. All you can hope for and work towards.

But what actually happens if you are successful. If you do make it?

Because success isn’t always as glamorous as it appears to be. Just ask Simon Sinek, who experienced the worst depression of his life just after his company beat the odds and reached the three year mark. Why did Sinek react this way? What is it that no one tells you about success? 

That’s what the last part of Start with Why is all about.

In our last discussion on this book, we’ll look at:
• The secret behind Simon Sinek’s depression 😟
• What went wrong in Walmart
• Where Apple found its WHY and why it matters 🍎

See you there 🙋🏼‍♀️



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