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It’s hard to overemphasize the power of a strong “why.” When a person has a strong reason for doing what they’re doing, they can accomplish surprising things. And the same is true for businesses.  Simon Sinek, author of the groundbreaking work Start with Why, noticed that true industry leaders understand that people aren’t looking to just buy products or services. In their hearts, they are looking to do businesses with someone they can relate to. Someone who reflects their value. Who affirms their sense of identity.  In this book club, we’ll open Sinek’s book and explore what this guru has to say about:  • Manipulation vs Inspiration 🌟 • The Golden Circle that makes up a successful company • Where true differentiation happens 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 • Where authenticity comes from • And much much more! See you there!


Not all companies are created equal. It’s a fact that some are more successful, more innovative, or more influential than others. Apple, Harley Davidson, Southwest Airlines are a few examples that stand out. These companies don’t just sell products. They have also created a loyal fan base that extends far beyond any promotion, sale, or marketing campaign. 

So what is it? What is it that sets these companies apart from all the others?

That’s the pressing question that Simon Sinek answers in his bestselling book Start with Why. In this book club discussion, we’ll talk about the first part of his book. 

We’ll look at Sinek’s theories on: 

• Manipulation vs Inspiration 🌟
• What the golden ratio looks like in business
• How to start with “why” and where to go from there 🤔

See you there!️

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What does celery have to do with the success of your company? More than you might think actually...

In this lesson, we’ll dive even deeper into Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle format. We’ll look at how the inner part of the circle - the WHY - connects to the outer layers - the HOW and the WHAT. We’ll look at the importance of building trust and how to do it. And we’ll learn how to use celery to know if we’re doing it right.

We’ll learn:
• How the WHY and the HOW must work together
• How to use your WHY to build trust within your company 🤝🏽
• Why some customers will take longer to trust you than others 
• And finally, what celery has to do with it! 🥗

See you there!

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Success. When you’re a young start-up, it’s all you can think about. All you can hope for and work towards.

But what actually happens if you are successful. If you do make it?

Because success isn’t always as glamorous as it appears to be. Just ask Simon Sinek, who experienced the worst depression of his life just after his company beat the odds and reached the three year mark. Why did Sinek react this way? What is it that no one tells you about success? 

That’s what the last part of Start with Why is all about.

In our last discussion on this book, we’ll look at:
• The secret behind Simon Sinek’s depression 😟
• What went wrong in Walmart
• Where Apple found its WHY and why it matters 🍎

See you there 🙋🏼‍♀️

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