How Can I Create Good Learning Habits?

Whether you’re enrolling on an online course for work or you simply want to learn a new skill, the way you learn will have a huge impact on your experience. Not everybody retains new information in the same way. While some people can concentrate for hours without any trouble, shorter bursts of learning time will be best suited to others.

The key is to develop good learning habits. Create positivity around learning and the outcome will only be good. If you’re asking yourself how can I create good learning habits then it’s time to get into a good routine so your learning journey is a success.

Here we answer the question, how can I create good learning habits? With our top tips.

How can you create good learning habits? By applying productivity tips!
How can you create good learning habits? By applying productivity tips!

5 top learning habits

Study little and often

When you’re learning something new, you want to retain as much information as you can however this doesn’t mean that you need to study everything in one session. Good learning habits should be sustainable and therefore studying little and often allows you to engage better and at a time that suits you - that makes learning more enjoyable. Audio courses are great for learning in this way as you can learn bitesize chunks of information rather than overwhelming yourself in one go.

Create a schedule and checklist

Do you find it hard to stay motivated but you enjoy learning? Creating a schedule and checklist is an easy way of tracking your progress and making learning more simple. For example, plan when and where you are going to study, whether that’s a 30-minute slot in the morning or every other evening, as well as keeping notes of what you need to do. Checking off your tasks when you finish a chapter or writing up some notes will break up your day into manageable chunks and create a new learning habit that guides you in the right direction. Plus, you’ll feel more accomplished after each session.

This is in fact backed up by neuroscience and is one of the most successful tips from Alpe's Neuroscience of Productivity course by Dr. Orit Elgavi and Dena Lehrman.

Learn about things you’re interested in

When you’re learning about topics or subjects that you’re not passionate about learning becomes a chore. But, learning something new can be incredibly rewarding when it’s something you’re genuinely interested in so make the most of the opportunity and you’ll have a much more positive experience. You will not only be more responsive and receptive to what you’re learning but this will also affect your mindset and how you approach learning in the future. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn about? Do you want to expand your skillset? Remember, learning should be fun!

Find a style of learning that works for you

If you’re wondering ‘how can I create good learning habits?’ it may take a little trial and error. To get the most out of your learning you need to be using techniques and styles that maximize your potential and how you process new information. Try an online quiz to discover what type of learner you are or think about the learning styles that have worked best for you in the past. Do you enjoy listening to information? Well, an audio course could be best for you! Do you also find it useful to have visual prompts? Be sure to make notes along the way. Once you know how to make learning work for you, you’ll no longer be wondering how can I create good learning habits?

Make a distraction-free zone

How can you create good habits for learning? by putting that phone away!
How can you create good habits for learning? by putting that phone away!

Focusing on one thing can be difficult and procrastination can creep in when you’re trying to learn. Create a distraction-free zone wherever you’re learning. If you’re listening to an audio course then put ‘do not disturb’ on your phone, plug in and concentrate. Alternatively, choosing a quiet place to learn such as the library or a place in your home that you can have to yourself. At first, you may find it hard to not look at your notifications or step away from your task, but keep at it and before long it will be a learning habit that’s second nature.

To learn more about this, check out lesson 5 of Neuroscience of Productivity: Dealing with Distractions.

How can I create good learning habits?

Learning is a unique journey that’s different for every individual. If you want to create good habits then you need to figure out what works for you and after that, you’ll create a positive learning experience. Give our top tips a go and become a lifelong learner as you put your new habits into action!

At Alpe Audio, we believe that you should be able to learn wherever, whenever you want. Enjoy learning on the go with our range of industry-expert audio courses today. Wondering how can I create good learning habits? It’s never too late to learn something new. Download our app and discover a world of learning that’s convenient for you.

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